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BARCA's mission is to restore tropical forests impacted by slash-and-burn agriculture, creating growing conditions where both native species and high-value tropical hardwoods can thrive. Since 1994, these carefully tended forests have helped bring back displaced birds and animals, along with good local jobs. The wood produced as a result is ethical, sustainable, and provides our investors with solid returns.

Using techniques first developed more than 40 years ago in the forests of British Columbia, everything the BARCA team does is designed to maximize the long-term health of the ecosystem under our care. From site preparation to seed selection to the correct timing of pruning, our technicians coax each tree to its full potential. Harvesting is undertaken responsibly, to ensure a steady supply for decades to come.

In the Costa Rican operations, many plantations managed by BARCA are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®. We also partner with Indigenous communities and respect the rights of local workers, to ensure that our activities are socially sustainable as well as ecologically sound. All of these practices create precious hardwoods of exceptional quality, recognized by discerning buyers worldwide.

Who we are

Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Central America (BARCA) was formed in 1994 to provide quality tropical forest management in Latin America. BARCA is part of the Brinkman Group, which includes companies dedicated to silviculture, urban restoration, climate solutions and Indigenous partnerships. It is this broad-based expertise which informs all of our philosophy and practices at BARCA.

Fred Schutter, founder of BARCA, led the establishment and growth of the company since 1994. He served as Director of Operations until retiring in 2022 after giving the company 28 years. Fred has been part of the Brinkman Group since 1978 and, prior to moving to Costa Rica, he managed reforestation projects in British Columbia, Canada.

BARCA was able to attract esteemed Forester Ricardo Lujan from his teaching position at the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica (ITCR) in 1996 to head up the forestry team. He was a professor in Forestry at ITCR and a Principal Research Forester at CATIE. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from ITCR and completed a Master of Science in Forestry/Agroforestry from CATIE. Ricardo is a registered professional forester and surveyor in Costa Rica.

Diego Dipieri was responsible for overseeing field operations and the management of over 400 staff and field workers. He has been part of the Brinkman Group since 1991, having managed reforestation operations in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada before moving to the Central American operations in 2002. He lives in Panama City.

These are some of the many BARCA employees who have contributed to the constant improvement of the company.

Where we work

BARCA Costa Rica 

Pilot Projects BIRD Ecoplantions

FSC® certified (NC-FM/COC-000152) stands of varied native species and teak, which were established in grasslands, combined with remaining and protected ecosystems, creating extensive habitats and rich biodiversity.

Resumen Publico BARCA Costa Rica 2022

Other Consulting Contracts

Since 2001, BARCA advises in FSC® certification for the establishment and management of plantations, genetic improvement, implementation of Chain of Custody Systems and forestry in general. Visit the website of our client Diamond Teak.

FSC® Certification Group Manager 

BARCA Costa Rica is a “Certification Group Manager”, under the code NC-FM/COC-000152, enabling the company to lead group certification in any activity related to the management of forest plantations. See more at preferredbynature.org.

Group Members:

Diamond Teak (NC-FM/COC-000152–B)
BIRDS / BARCA (BIRD’94, BIRD’96 & BIRD’98) (NC-FM/COC-000152-E)