Nurseries - Seedlings & Macro-Propagation

BARCA operates tree nurseries in Costa Rica and Panama in order to supply local and international market demand, while maintaining the standards of quality and production established by our company. Tree production includes quality tropical hardwoods like teak, as well as precious native tropical species to be planted in our local projects or to satisfy our costumers’ needs. BARCA native seedling are a product of over 20 years of specialized forestry and many years of genetic improvement work in Costa Rica. We have grown over 54 different species of tropical hardwoods, many of them rare to endemic of the region, some of which have never before been reproduced in a nursery. Nursery Supervisor Evelyn Ramírez, and Chief Forester Ricardo Lujan personally ensure that all of BARCA's seedlings are of the highest quality. 

Our main production methods are through the use of the highest genetic quality seeds or with cuttings obtained from evaluated and selected trees (“plus trees”), both produced under controlled environmental conditions. We also have genetic "super" teak clones certified by ONS (Oficina Nacional de Semillas) that will maximize growth, quality and yield.

We also offer consulting services in the design, construction and implementation of private nurseries, according to our costumer’s capacity.

Contact BARCA for more information on growing and purchasing genetically superior "plus sized" teak seedlings or any of the below top quality native species:

List of Native Species, with common and scientific names.

# Species Scientific Name
1 Aceituno Simarouba amara
2 Amarillón Terminalia amazonia
3 Aguacatillo Nectandra sp.
4 Aguacatón Ocotea insularis
5 Baco Brosimum utile
6 Balsa Ochcroma piramidale
7 Caobo Swietenia macrophylla
8 Caobilla Carapa guianensis
9 Cara Tigre Aspidosperma myristicifolium
10 Cedro amargo Cedrela odorata
11 Cedro dulce Cedrela tonduzii
12 Cedro maría Calophylum brasiliense
13 Ceiba Ceiba pentandra
14 Cenizaro Samanea saman
15 Chiricano Humiriastrum diguense
16 Cortez amarillo Tabebuia guayacan
17 Cortez negro Tabebuia impetiginosa
18 Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa
19 Costilla danto Lecointea amazonica
20 Cristobal Platysmicium pinnatum
21 Espavel Anacardium excelsum
22 Chaperno Lonchocarpus macrophyllus
23 Frijolón Dussia sp.
24 Gallinazo Schizolobium parahyba
25 Guabilla Inga.sp.
26 Guaitil Genipa americana
27 Guanacaste Enterolobium cyclocarpum
28 Guapinol Hymenaea courbaril
29 Guayabón Terminalia oblonga
30 Guachipelín Diphysa americana
31 Guayaquil Albizia sp
32 Iguano Dilodendrum costaricense
33 Jorco Garcinia madruno
34 Jobo Spondias mombin
35 Manglillo Aspidosperma spruceanum
36 Nazareno Peltogyne purpurea
37 Nene Ormosia coccinea
38 Ojoche Brosimum alicastrum
39 Ojochillo Brosimum costaricensis
40 Pilón  Hyeronima alchorneoides
41 Pouteria Pouteria sp
42 Reseco Tachigali versicolor
43 Ron ron Astronium graveolens
44 Roble sabana Abebuia rosea
45 Sándalo Myroxylon balsamum
46 Sangrillo Pterocarpus officinalis
47 Sangrillo colorado Paramachaerium gruberi
48 Sapote Pouteria sp
49 Sapote olimpico Pouteria sp
50 Fruta Virola sebifera
51 Fruta dorada Virola surinamensis
52 Fruta dorada Virola koschnyi
53 Sotacaballo Pithecellobium dulce