Featured Projects

Brinkman y Asociados Reforestadores de Centro America S.A.  (BARCA) is pleased to offer the BIRD farms for sale in Costa Rica. This is a showcase project sited by the FAO as an example of innovative forest restoration projects and is a combination of native forest protection, native species plantations and high quality teak creating a unique ecoplantation that creates habitat at the same time as financial returns. A unique set of adjacent farms comprised of 339 ha of pristine land of which 170 ha are planted with 115 ha in teak and 55 ha in native hard wood species.

Current Featured Projects

Genetic Improvement of Forest Species

BARCA, for more than 17 years, has carried out a program of genetic improvement of forest species for commercial purposes with emphasis on the production of wood for milling. In relation to this important program, BARCA has the advice of specialists in forest genetics from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR), and is part of the GENFORES group (which...

Past Featured Project Panama

Reforestation with the Kuna Indigenous People of Panama

As an initiative included in its environmental compensation program, Minera Panama S.A. financed the establishment and maintenance of a 220 hectares reforestation project in the Comarca Kuna de Madugandí. This project is directly benefiting the 450 members of the community of Ibedí, providing local employment, silviculture and tree nursery training, new opportunities, securing land against illegal invasions and the potential of precious...

Past Featured Project Panama

BARCA and the Embera Wounaan in the Darien Province of Panama

In 2008 BARCA Panama began to support and work with the Embera Wounaan People in the Darien Gap. The Embera and Wounaan people are the third largest indigenous group in the Republic of Panamá, located in the eastern part of the country on the border with Colombia. The Embera Wounaan territory, established as a Comarca under...

Past Featured Project Costa Rica

Planting of Melina trees (Gmelina arborea) in Jicote School

On March 9, 2022, the Jicote School Board of Education presented BARCA with a letter requesting help to plant timber trees on a lot adjacent to the school. The objective of the school was to plant trees whose harvest is in the medium term to provide an economic benefit to the school. Therefore, it was decided to plant Melina trees, which will be harvested within 6 or 8 years.

Given the history that BARCA has in the Jicote area since 1995, it is important to resume ties with the...

Past Featured Project Costa Rica

Linking Costa Rica National Parks

One special project that BARCA is carrying out in Costa Rica towards the restoration and protection of Costa Rican Forests, is an alliance with the Fundacion Osa Conservacion (Osa Conservation). Our model is a three-part collaboration or “triangulation” model, in which the land owners provide the land (Osa Conservation); social and environmentally conscious investors raise the funds (EPR); and forestry companies with on-the-ground...