Genetic Improvement of Forest Species

BARCA, for more than 17 years, has carried out a program of genetic improvement of forest species for commercial purposes with emphasis on the production of wood for milling. In relation to this important program, BARCA has the advice of specialists in forest genetics from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR), and is part of the GENFORES group (which includes forestry companies at the Latin American level), whose main objective is that of improving the commercial forestry production of several native and exotic potential species. GENFORES is an ITCR initiative whose leadership is the responsibility of Olman Murillo, PhD in forest genetics, professor and researcher at said university.

Over the years and through formal methodologies (i.e. Vallejos, et. al. 2010: "Metodología para la selección e incorporación de árboles plus en programas de mejoramiento genético forestal", Agronomía Costarricense), BARCA has selected "plus trees" of superior forest species such as teak, cristobal, melina and pilon. In collaboration with GENFORES we've established clonal trials to evaluate and choose and clone the best materials to use in the establishment of forest plantations in Central America.

The properly selected plus trees were more than 15 years old at the time of their evaluation and selection. The clonal material from these trees is reproduced in mini clonal gardens that are renewed every year. Seedlings are mostly produced in jiffy-type containers, peat (“peat moss”) or any client-preffered approach. For the sale of these seedlings (improved clones), BARCA uses the best clones considering the trials and plantations established for many years.

Some of the genetically improved species we research, work with and sell are depicted in the table below:

Common Name (ES) Scientific Name
Teca Tectona grandis
Amarrillon Terminalia amazonia
Cristobal Platymiscium curuense
Pilon Hyeronima alchomeoides
Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa
Ron ron Astronium graveolens
Surá Terminalia oblonga
Cenizaro Samanea saman
Melina Gmelina arborea

Inquiries related to colaboration or sales are always invited as we are excited to develop our genetic improvement projects.

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