Planting of Melina trees (Gmelina arborea) in Jicote School

On March 9, 2022, the Jicote School Board of Education presented BARCA with a letter requesting help to plant timber trees on a lot adjacent to the school. The objective of the school was to plant trees whose harvest is in the medium term to provide an economic benefit to the school. Therefore, it was decided to plant Melina trees, which will be harvested within 6 or 8 years.

Given the history that BARCA has in the Jicote area since 1995, it is important to resume ties with the community that saw the company's birth and as part of its social duty, BARCA undertook to: produce and donate 450 Melina trees (Gmelina arborea), prepare the land and delimitation of areas to plant, sow and re-seed, maintenance, annual evaluations of the planted trees to determine growth and health status of the plantation and any other work necessary to maximize the growth of the crop.

On June 24, 2022, the trees were planted in the lot next to the school with the help of preschool and primary school students, teachers and BARCA staff who work on the BIRDS farms, which are located near this area of Jicote. As part of this activity, the participants were explained who the BARCA company is and how these trees are produced, as well as the importance of planting trees and using products made of wood.

Here at BARCA, we are very happy to be able to help the communities that have allowed us to grow and expand in Costa Rica and we will continue this project with the Jicote School to ensure that the harvest of the trees planted will provide benefits to the institution.