Agricultural Land

BARCA offers several prime pieces of property for sale on the Central and South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, perfect for hard-wood plantations, agriculture, eco-tourism, or development.

Over 25 years, BARCA has assembled a farm portfolio with incredibly fertile soils and the perfect climate for agriculture and timber production to plant and maintain precious hardwood plantations for different clients. As the mature hardwood plantations have been harvested, the lands have become available for sale. 

Since purchasing these farms in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Central and South Pacific regions of Costa Rica have experienced impressive development, including important improvements to the roads and bridges, allowing for easy access to the international airport, the central valley, the Puntarenas shipping ports, not to mention the internationally famous beaches and national parks such as Manuel Antonio, Jaco, and Corcovado. The BARCA lands provide the privacy and security landowners need to carry out their projects, whether looking for small 1-5 hectare parcels for development or farms measuring more than 300 ha. There are even precious hardwood stands on some farms in the Parrita area that offer important income from the sale, such as Cristobal and Cocobolo, as well as teak.

As most investors discover the hard way, finding titled land with easy access from main roads and highways suitable for their specific development needs can be difficult. In 1994, BARCA set up a team of highly trained local specialists to avoid such complications when we began looking for the perfect farms for some of our International investors. Our technical professionals carried out detailed soil sampling, drainage, and erosion studies. At the same time, our legal team did the due diligence necessary to avoid complications related to ownership, cadastral plans, and municipal permits.

These farms were included in BARCA's Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification while the timber plantations were managed, guaranteeing ecologically friendly, socially conscious development, which we renew annually with current certifications. This will save a conscious interested buyer much time and money, allowing them to focus on such factors as the land's beauty, the fertility of the farms, the convenience of the locations, and the productivity of the farms.

Let us know what kind of project you are interested in, and our local team can propose the most suitable property that fulfills the requirements you have defined to ensure your new venture's success. We have a complete database with all the legal information regarding each property and the technical studies for specific agricultural or forestry farms, GPS mapping, photographs, and personalized accompanied visits to the sites. And if your goal is to continue reforesting part or all of the farms, the BARCA team can show you some of our hardwood plantations or the tree nursery, and support you with your forestry needs.

Some areas can be used for building sites, including some lots that have already been segregated. If you are out of the country, we can begin to share information with you before you arrive to identify better those lands that will most interest you. Our bilingual team can then help you organize a trip to the area to visit these farms (and maybe a beach or two), saving you money on expensive land brokers and lawyers' fees. 



Frequently asked questions:
Where are the properties located? Parrita, Quepos, Palmar Sur, Salamá, Osa Peninsula and Conte. Most properties are from 0 to 1000 meters above sea level.

How quickly does a teak plantation come to maturity? Due to the ideal weather conditions in the Central and Southern Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica, the best teak will be ready for harvest by year 20, with valuable timber products coming from periodic commercial thinnings beforehand.

What other crops are plantable in this area? Timber includes Teak, Melina, Balsa, Rosewood, Cristobal, and Amarillón. Also, the farms are prime agricultural land for cacao (chocolate), rice, African palm, banana, plantain, papaya, and other superfoods harvested in this region.

What about tourism? These properties are ripe for the booming eco-tourism and wellness markets in Costa Rica. The Central Pacific farms are located near the Jacó and Manuel Antonio beaches. In contrast, the Southern Pacific farms are close to the Uvita "whale's tale” and the Corcovado National Park, internationally famous for having some of the richest bio-diversity on the planet. Many farms have primary and secondary forests in some sections that would be wonderful for hiking and bird-watching, as our forestry team has identified a long list of flora and fauna seen on the different farms, including tapirs, monkeys, sloths, jaguars, and scarlet macaws.

How difficult is a land purchase? Easy. Costa Rica is Central America's most secure land title country and safe for international investors to purchase land. Once a client has chosen the ideal property for their project, the buyer and seller sign a sales document (known locally as an escritura de compraventa or traspaso) which usually takes up to 2 weeks to be inscribed in the National Registry.